Complaint of Treatment of a US citizen

American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA)
Letter: Complaint of Treatment of a US citizen

“On Friday, March 7th a staff member of ANERA based at our Washington DC headquarters was denied entry to the West Bank when he tried to enter across the Allenby Bridge. Mr. Hani Al Madhoun, is a US citizen and was carrying his US passport. However, Israeli authorities, cited that because he was originally from Gaza, his case was special. (He was not born in Gaza and only lived there for some time in his childhood). Over the course of five hours and four interviews, he was queried [along with] his traveling companion, Laurie Kassman.


At the end of this 5 hours, Ms. Kassman was permitted to enter and Mr. Al Madhoun was ejected to Jordan. Officials offered no reasoning other than suggesting that he file a petition thru Jerusalem for a permit. Mr. Al Madhoun is a stellar employee. ANERA has screened him on OFAC and through local sources in Gaza. He totally subscribes to our methodology of apolitical development as a means to peace. Moreover, he is an American citizen!


As an American agency that has been registered in Israel since the 1976 war, this is insulting treatment. ANERA reports regularly to the Israeli Ministry of Social Welfare who supervises our activities. In addition, as a partner of USAID on the $100 million water project called PCID, we have been thoroughly vetted numerous times. We protest in the most vociferous way this entire process as both absurd and arbitrary.”

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