Joe Groves On The Holy Land Principles

Joe Grove, Senior Fellow, Interfaith Peace Builders; Adjunct Professor of International Peace and Conflict Resolution, American University:

“The Holy Land Principles campaign addresses human rights in the Holy Land

in a new and important way. It asks US-based companies to apply basic

standards of equality and non-discrimination to their employment practices

in Israel and Palestine. The formulation of the Principles helps make clear

the relation between the Israeli occupation of Palestinian teritories and

discrimination against Palestinians within Israel.”

 “Because the Holy Land Principles are based on the McBride Principles for

Northern Ireland and the Sullivan Principles for South Africa, they help

clarify the connections between these struggles for justice and equality.

The success of both the McBride principles and the Sullivan Principles also

provide hope that a similar campaign can make a major contribution to

justice and equality in the Holy Land.”


Fr. Sean Mc Manus, President of The Holy Land Principles, Inc., and Joe Groves at “New Perspectives on Peace with Justice: An Evening with Interfaith Peace-Builders.” Goethe Institute, Washington, D.C. March 2, 2013.
Sean and joe Groves

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