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There are 545 American companies doing business in The Holy Land, and we have contacted each of them many times urging them to sign The Holy Land Principles.

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“My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland…and the Holy Land”, the inspiring story of Father Sean McManus, president of Holy Land Principles. Click here to purchase.


About the book

This Holy Land Edition expands on the Irish edition( 2011) , the American Edition ( 2012) and brings the story totally current. It continues the compelling narrative of Fr. Mc Manus’ long struggle for Irish justice, which now includes The Holy Land. The book reveals how he prevailed against all odds … How he refused to be silent in the face of injustice … And how he “kept Congress on track regarding justice and peace in Ireland.” As one reviewer has said, “It makes one want to stand up and cheer.” It is a story of grace and courage, devotion and determination, persistence and perseverance – without bitterness or rancor.


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